How do our products work? 

Mutli-sensory Boost

Touching, folding, clicking, twisting, seeing. The senses reinforce one another and increase neuronal activity in the user's brain by up to 1,000%! In other words, each additional interaction enhances his or her perception and makes your message more memorable.

Generating Desire

Scientific studies reveal that touching an object increases appreciation. The user 'takes possession' and makes your message his own.

Playfully Grasping the Meaning

The desire to play and focus attention generates positive emotions, openness and engagement. Users understand your message more quickly and remember it more positively.

The Muliplier Effect

People who own one of our product like to baffle colleagues and friends with it. They like passing the objects around and talking about them. In this way, your advertising message is spread indirectly by means of a personal recommendation.

Radiating Effect

Our products are brand touchpoints which really live up to their name. The high precision manufacture and high-quality perception communicate the quality of your brand to users. The desire to play and explore ensures 100% attention and intensive interaction with your message.

Long-term Appeal

Some products boast an exceptionally high longevity on the user‘s desk, who likes to hold it and play with it time and again. In the case of a Touchpoint Calendar, this period is at least 12 months and usually even longer.

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